About me

My name is Maggie and I am a mum to three children aged 12, 9 and 5. I have over twenty years experience working with children aged 0 to 10. I have ten years experience working in maternity care and two and a half years experience working in the midwifery care. Throughout that time I have cared for women in the antenatal clinic, birthing unit and postnatal ward.

My Story

Twelve years ago I gave birth to my eldest child Oscar. I missed out on midwifery group practice and would see a different midwife each appointment. Sometimes I was fortunate enough to see the same midwife and it was nice having some continuity of care. I went to hospital thinking I was in labour and found out I wasn’t even in “true labour”. Twelve hours later Oscar was born via vacuum delivery. After being transferred onto the postnatal ward I was berated for not waking my son to be fed. The midwife then squeezed my nipple (without consent) to see if I had any colostrum.

The day after being born Oscar was transferred to the special care nursery (SCN) for phototherapy treatment for jaundice. The midwife on the ward (the same that had squeezed my nipple) didn’t really explain anything about the tests she performed or what may have caused the jaundice. The beautiful nurse in the SCN ended up explaining everything to me and I understood things a little better.

After Oscar’s jaundice levels had reduced, he was discharged back to ward. I was very hopeful to still breastfeed. The nurse in the SCN had me pumping frequently to help bring my milk on. I was finally seen by a lactation consultant who made a clear plan for me to go home.

When I went home I had little support from family and I had no friends as I had only been in the area for a short while. A few weeks after Oscar was born my milk supply dwindled. No one explained that by replacing EBM with a formula that my milk supply would be effected. I switched fully to formula when Oscar was six weeks old and was made to feel horrible for my decision.

How the Natural Midwife came about?

I believe in empowering women to trust and listen to their bodies in way that makes them feel seen, heard, safe and respected. I encourage them to take control of their birth by knowing their rights and becoming educated about the birth process so they are empowered to make choices that are best for their families.

I believe that emotional support after having a baby is just as important as when you are pregnant and giving birth. The transition to motherhood (and having consecutive babies) can be quite scary.

I noticed a gap in antenatal care and postnatal support and needed to do something about it, and thus the Natural Midwife was created. I offer various services for the pregnancy and birth journey for women not only in Australia but worldwide. I offer postnatal support to women in the South West Sydney Region.